Private Briefing

Private Briefing is our monthly review and analysis of key support programmes provided by local and interantional institutions, aiming to facilitate the development of SMEs and agro sector. Ever since the beginning of our operations, in line with Our Purpose and Our Mission, we have been analysing the main features of active programmes, indicating their potential role in gaining access to skills and access to finance, and pinpointing the critical elements of relevance.

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Active Support Programmes

Support programmes for MSMEs and farmers, which we have analysed in Private Briefing, are in the filterable table below.

Some of them address the access to skills, some are focusing on access to finance, while some are combining the two.  Regardless of the differences, they share the goal of supporting development and resilience of MSMEs and farmers and we therefore present them here, and also, encourage you to ask for our support if you think it might be useful for successful applying and managing your development projects during the implementation.

Izvor podrškeNaziv programaKorisniciTrajanje pozivaPrivate Briefing analiza programaPoziv
EBRD / Poslovne bankeProgram Žene u BiznisuMMSP u vlasništvu / pod upravom žena, preduzetnice31.12.2024Maj 2023.Javite se za više informacija
Ministarstvo Privrede / FZR
Grantovi za razvojne projekteMMSP31.12.2023.Mart 2023U najavi
Ministarstvo Privrede / Poslovne bankeProgram za nabavku opremeMMSP31.12.2023.April 2023U najavi!
EBRDAdvice for Small BusinessMMSP31.12.2027Avgust 2022Link poziva
Srpska fondacija za preduzetništvo, PKS, poslovne bankeProgram promocije preduzetništva i samozapošljavanjaPočetnici u poslovanju31.12.2023Avgust 2022Link poziva
Agencija za osiguranje i finansiranje izvozaGarancije i finansiranje izvozaIzvozno orijentisana preduzeća31.12.2023Oktobar 2022Link poziva

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