Level Up – Propelling Entrepreneurial Education into the Digital Age

For two decades, Glenfield has been the trusted partner for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and entrepreneurs in Serbia. Our comprehensive training programmes, ranging from management fundamentals to financial management, HR management, personal effectiveness skills and strategic planning, have empowered countless individuals and organisations to transform their thriving ventures into more resilient and sustainable models.

As the landscape of learning is rapidly shifting, to maintain its effectiveness and transformation lead Glenfield is poised to evolve with it. Recognizing the limitations of traditional face-to-face training, we have proudly launched its own E- Learning Platform, within the Erasmus+ project, serving as a virtual hub with interactive modules, best practice examples, and accessible tools. This platform is facilitating access to knowledge and fueling entrepreneurial success across geographical and social boundaries, bringing an additional step of further inclusion and accessibility to the table.

But our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there. Within the Erasmus+ Mobility project, we have embarked on the road to introducing gamification in our entrepreneurial education portfolio. We have recognized it as a game-changing approach that injects curiosity, competitiveness and engagement into the learning process. Two of our trainers have recently undergone specialized training in gamification for learning, and they are eager to share their expertise and unlock its potential within our training programmes.

We have imagined entrepreneurs embarking on quests, earning points for mastering skills, and unlocking new levels of knowledge, and decided to build it. Gamification promises to boost motivation, enhance knowledge retention, and create a dynamic learning environment that resonates with not only today’s tech-savvy generation of entrepreneurs, but also fits with the “learning by doing” model we strongly emphasize in our programmes.

E-Learning Gamification

Empowering our trainers is the cornerstone of this transformation. Through this Erasmus+ Mobility projects, we are equipping them with the skills and knowledge to confidently master web platforms and apps, seamlessly integrate e-learning modules, and harness the power of blended learning to cater to diverse learning styles and needs.
By investing in our trainers and embracing cutting-edge technologies like gamification, we are striving for a multifaceted impact:

  • Enhanced accessibility and inclusion: The E- Learning Platform breaks down geographical and social barriers, making Glenfield’s expertise reach every aspiring entrepreneur or individual, regardless of location or background.
  • Boosted learning outcomes: Gamification promises to increase engagement and knowledge retention, leading to a more effective, committed and enjoyable learning experience for entrepreneurs.
  • Sustainable business growth: Equipping entrepreneurs with the skills and confidence they need to succeed will contribute to a more vibrant and resilient business ecosystem in the regions we operate in and beyond, with the support of our partners.

Thus, we are not just keeping pace with the digitalization, we are actively shaping the entrepreneurial education landscape. We are confident that by combining our established expertise with cutting-edge technologies and innovative learning methods, we can empower a new generation of entrepreneurs to dream big and achieve extraordinary things. If you are willing to join us in the journey through the Erasmus+ 2024 calls enabling support in digitization, inclusion and diversity, reach out to us, and find more details in the attached Call for Partnerships.